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Manual Focus Productions
Reliable Service

Wellington and surrounding suburbs, also available nation-wide

Direct Communication

Deal with photographer directly, for more flexibility and control

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best quality service at competitive pricing plans to suit every budget

Prompt Booking and Setup

We make it easy to book and customise our services

Manual Focus Productions (MFP) specialises in Photography and Videography.
Utilising creative licence and high production value to capture professional, captivating footage.
Whether it's capturing the intimacy of your special day, or promoting a business or a product.
We do it all in a timeless & elegant premium video or photography package.

We specialise in:

We have several customised Video and Photography packages available for you to select from.
This enables you to find a solution to match the vision or budget you have for your event.
If the pre-priced packages arn't right for you, feel free to email us with your budget and questions.
We can work together to create the custom package for you.

Reasons to choose us?

We are professionals in every sense of the word. We both have excellent photography & videography experience, and talent for capturing those magical moments and great compositions. Our film background only enhances our skills in photography.

Utilizing our cinematography skills, they both compliment and add to each other, not to mention the fact that you can choose mixed packages with us offering Vidoegraphy & Photography which most other photography business won't offer.

There's a lot of Photographers out there to choose from, but most of them are untrained, inexperienced people, who just bought an expensive camera. Taking the pictures is only 30% of the task most of the work is in the post production. This is where we excel!

I'm a fully qualified Graphic Designer with a Design degree from Otago University, and a diploma in Graphic Design from Yoobee School of Design. You can be sure that I will make the end product as good as it can be through trained knowledge of photo manipulation rather than just sticking tacky filters over it.

Want to look flawless for your wedding picture on the wall? or a headshot, or model shot? I have the Photoshop skills to do this. Maybe you like yourself looking more natural? You tell me what your after and i'll ensure you are satisfied!

Me and my team are friendly, easy to talk to people. We enjoy the social aspect of this job and have a lot of fun doing it often keeping in touch with customers as friends.

Fore more information on us see the ABOUT section.

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